Antibodies to NSAIDs and Pollutants

Nordic-MUbio now brings access to ELTI Support’s range of extensively tested polyclonal antibodies.

 ELTI Support, founded in 1990, have made a name for themselves as a consultancy and R&D laboratory specialised in a wide range of immunochemistry applications. ELTI Support has a broad expertise covering both fundamental and applied research, in fields as diverse as endocrinology, toxicology, and biochemistry. Nordic-MUbio has recently entered into an exclusive licencing deal with ELTI Support, bringing access to their complete range of antibodies to the global market.

ELTI Support have brought over 20 years’ experience working with companies, institutes, and universities to developing a suite of their own high quality antibodies. With a diverse range of targets such as NSAIDs, organic environmental pollutants and pesticides, ELTI Support has filled a niche few others have. Many of their antibodies have been used in a number of publications. ELTI Support has also worked hard to ensure these products do what they say, supplying cross reactivity testing data against related antigens and application notes for their use.

For example, ELTI Support’s rabbit polyclonal against Chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate insecticide and suspected endocrine disrupter associated with reproductive and developmental toxicity, has been thoroughly checked for cross reactivity against a range of related antigens, and shown to have less than 0.1% cross reactivity. Suggested dilutions and coating concentrations for ELISA are also included.

Nordic-MUbio is pleased to bring exclusive commercial access to ELTI Support’s range, expanding access to this unique and tested catalogue of antibodies globally, complimenting their already diverse suite of products with this new niche.

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