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Code Name Product Type Clone
HYD001 25(OH)Vitamin D3-1-alpha-Hydroxylase Primary Antibodies
X1005 3T3 cells Control Lysate
X1002 A431 cells Control Lysate
X1003 A431 cells stimulated with EGF Control Lysate
X2296B ACAD11 Blocking Peptide
X2050B Adiponectin Receptor 1 Blocking Peptide
X2051B Adiponectin Receptor 2 Blocking Peptide
Agarose Nr.3 Agarose Nr Buffers and Reagents
Agarose Nr.4 Agarose Nr.4 for EID (Laurell) Buffers and Reagents
AGE102-1.0 AGE, Advanced Glycation End Products Polyclonal Antibody
AA505 Alpha-Actin, sarcomeric Primary Antibodies 5C5
HNP103 Alpha-DEFENSIN (1-3), HNP1-3 Primary Antibodies DEF-3
P504S-0.5 AMACR (P504S) clone 13H4 Primary Antibodies 13H4
P504S-1.0 AMACR (P504S) clone 13H4 Primary Antibodies 13H4
P504S-5.0 AMACR (P504S) clone 13H4 Primary Antibodies 13H4
AR105 Androgen Receptor Primary Antibodies F39.4.1
ZU114 Anti-Mouse/Rabbit IgG, biotinylated Secondary Antibodies
ZU101 Anti-Rabbit IgG, biotinylated Secondary Antibodies
X2293B APM2 (CT) Blocking Peptide
MUB0366P Armenian Hamster anti CD27 Primary Antibodies LG.8A6
MUB0365P Armenian Hamster anti CD27 Primary Antibodies LG.3A10
BAS001-G Basal Cell Marker Cocktail 1, p63 Protein + HMW Cytokeratin Primary Antibodies 4A4 + 34ßE12
DEF01-S Beta-Defensin-1 (HBD-1) Primary Antibodies
DEF01-P Beta-Defensin-1 (HBD-1) Control peptide Proteins & Peptides
DEF01-A Beta-Defensin-1 (HBD-1), affinity purified Primary Antibodies
DEF02-A Beta-Defensin-2 (HBD-2/MBD-2) Primary Antibodies
DEF02-S Beta-Defensin-2 (HBD-2/MBD-2) Primary Antibodies
DEF02-P Beta-Defensin-2 (HBD-2/MBD-2) control peptide Proteins & Peptides
DEF03-S Beta-Defensin-3 (HBD-3/MBD-3) Primary Antibodies
DEF03-A Beta-Defensin-3 (HBD-3/MBD-3), affinity purified Primary Antibodies
RAHu/Lys/Bio Biotin-conjugated IgG fraction of polyclonal rabbit antiserum to human lysozyme Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
BOR001 Borrelia Primary Antibodies
BGG Bovine gamma globulin Fr.II Proteins & Peptides
BIgG Bovine IgG Isotype control
BMk Bovine milk Serum
NBS Bovine Serum Serum
BAlb Bovine Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides
BSA Bovine Serum albumin Fr.V Proteins & Peptides
BSA/FITC Bovine Serum albumin Fr.V, conjugated with FITC Proteins & Peptides
BSA/TRITC Bovine Serum albumin Fr.V, conjugated with TRITC Proteins & Peptides