High Quality Antibody Reagents


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Code Name Product Type Clone
LA24851-0.1 Laminin, mouse
MUB0106P Mouse anti annexin V Primary Antibodies RUU-WAC2A
MUB0501P Rat anti Entactin / NiDogen Primary Antibodies ELM1
MUB0801P Rat anti Heparan Sulphate Proteoglycan Primary Antibodies A7L6
MUB1100P Rat anti Laminin Primary Antibodies A5
MUB2028P Mouse anti Tenascin C Primary Antibodies T2H5
NE042/7S Rabbit anti Clostridium histolyticum Collagenase Polyclonal
NE042/Bio Rabbit anti Clostridium histolyticum Collagenase, conjugated with Biotin Polyclonal
NE042/PAb Rabbit anti Clostridium histolyticum Collagenase Polyclonal
AHF Chicken anti Human fibronectin (N-terminal 29 kDa fragment) (not affinity purified) Primary antibodies
AhOPNc Chicken anti human osteopontin-c (the shortest splice variant of osteopontin) Primary antibodies
AhOPNc-HRP Chicken anti Human Osteopontin c, conjugated with HRP Primary antibodies
EL25011 Elastin, human Polyclonal Antibody
EL25013 Elastin, human
EL25013-0.1 Elastin, human
FI24911 Fibronectin, human
FI24921 Fibronectin, bovine
FI24931 Fibronectin, chicken
FI24941 Fibronectin, rat
FI24941-0.1 Fibronectin, rat
FI24951 Fibronectin, mouse Polyclonal Antibody
FI24951-0.1 Fibronectin, mouse Polyclonal Antibody
MUB0337P Mouse anti Collagen Type IV Primary Antibodies 1043
MUB0338S Rabbit anti Collagen IV Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
CO105 Collagen Type IV, human COL 94
CO20111 Collagen Type I, human
CO20111-0.1 Collagen Type I, human
CO20121-0.1 Collagen Type I, bovine
CO20131-0.1 Collagen Type I, chicken
CO20141 Collagen Type I, rat
CO20141-0.1 Collagen Type I, rat
CO20151 Collagen Type I, mouse
CO20151-0.1 Collagen Type I, mouse
CO20171-S-0.1 Collagen Type I, salmon
CO20171-T Collagen Type I, Tuna fish
CO20191 Collagen Type I, porcine
CO20171-T-0.1 Collagen Type I, Tuna fish
CO20191-0.1 Collagen Type I, porcine
CO20211 Collagen Type II, human
CO20211-0.1 Collagen Type II, human