High Quality Antibody Reagents


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Code Name Product Type Clone
CD274-0.5 CD274, PD-L1 Primary Antibodies ZR3
FITC-1 Fluorescein Isothiocynate Isomer 1 Secondary Antibodies
GAS-002B-1 FIX&PERM® Solution B (Perm) Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002A-1-CE/IVD FIX&PERM® Solution A (Fix) (CE) Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002B-1-CE/IVD FIX&PERM® Solution B (Perm) (CE) Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002-CE/IVD FIX&PERM® Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit (CE) Buffers and Reagents
HuFab Human Fab of normal IgG Proteins & Peptides
MUB0200P Mouse anti Bromodeoxyuridine / BrdU Primary Antibodies IIB5
MUB0505P Rat anti E-selectin Primary Antibodies UZ5
MUB0507P Rat anti E-selectin Primary Antibodies UZ7
MUB0609P Rat anti Forssman antigen Primary Antibodies 33B12
MUB0610P Rat anti Forssman antigen Primary Antibodies 117C9
MUB0908P Rat anti Integrin alpha 6A / CD49f Primary Antibodies NKI-GoH3
MUB0909P Mouse anti Integrin beta 4 (CD104) Primary Antibodies 58XB4
MUB0910P Mouse anti Integrin alpha 5 (CD49e) Primary Antibodies NKI-SAM-1
MUB1203P Mouse anti MT1 / CD43 Primary Antibodies MT1
MUB1806P Mouse anti TIAM Primary Antibodies F5S F6.2
MUB1809P Mouse anti T-Cell Receptor gamma delta Primary Antibodies 11F2
MUB1813P Mouse anti Transferrin Receptor (CD71) Primary Antibodies 66IG10
MUB1900L2 Mouse anti Vimentin, conjugated with HRP Primary Antibodies RV202
GM-4091 Mouse anti CD14 Primary Antibodies MEM18
GM-4091-CE/IVD Mouse anti CD14 Primary Antibodies MEM18
MUB1903P Recombinant mouse anti vimentin Monoclonal Antibody RV204
MUB1904P Recombinant rabbit anti vimentin Monoclonal Antibody RV205
MUB1905P Mouse anti VCAM-1 Primary Antibodies 4B9
MUB1907P Mouse anti Human vitronectin receptor (CD51) Primary Antibodies NKI-M9 (former PAF2a)
MUB2012P Rat anti CD39, Ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 1 Primary Antibodies R22
MUB2014P Mouse anti Human HLA DQ Primary Antibodies NKI(SPV)L3
MUB2022P Mouse anti CD22 Primary Antibodies 3H4
MUB2023P Mouse anti CD23, Low affinity immunoglobulin epsilon Fc receptor Primary Antibodies 5E3
MUB2029P Mouse anti ICAM-3 Primary Antibodies MA4
P 017 Human Bence Jones lambda Proteins & Peptides
P 020 Human secretory IgA Proteins & Peptides
P 106 Human IgG1 lamda G1m(f) Proteins & Peptides
P 182 Human IgG4 kappa Gm4a Proteins & Peptides
P 210 Human IgG1 lambda G1m (a) Proteins & Peptides
P 289 Human IgG3 lambda G3m (g) Proteins & Peptides
P 304 Human IgG4 kappa Gm4b Proteins & Peptides
P 315 Human Human IgG2 lambda G2m (n-) Proteins & Peptides
P 411 Human Human IgG3 kappa G3m (g) Proteins & Peptides