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Code Name Product Type Clone
0021 Mouse anti Human CD2 Monoclonal Antibody T6.3
02A2 Mouse IgG2a FITC Negative Control Single-Color Negative Control
0566P Recombinant Mouse anti Human CD56 Primary Antibodies C5.9 E1 (derived from clone C5.9)
AHIgGFab-B Chicken anti Human IgG (Fab)2, conjugated with Biotin Secondary antibodies
AHIgM Chicken anti Human IgM (mu chain specfic) Secondary antibodies
CD274-0.5 CD274, PD-L1 Primary Antibodies ZR3
GAS-002 FIX&PERM® Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit (CE) Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002-1 FIX&PERM® Kit 1000 (CE) Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002A-1 FIX&PERM® Solution A (Fix) (CE) Buffers and Reagents
GAS-002B-1 FIX&PERM® Solution B (Perm) (CE) Buffers and Reagents
GM-4091 Mouse anti CD14 Primary Antibodies MEM18
GM-4991 IgG1 Negative Control Negative Control VI-AP
HuFab Human Fab of normal IgG Proteins & Peptides
MUB0200P Mouse anti Bromodeoxyuridine / BrdU Primary Antibodies IIB5
NOR-01 Human IgG subclasses standard Serum Serum
NOR-02 Mouse Ig and IgG subclasses standard Serum Serums
NOR-03 Rat Ig and IgG subclasses standard Serum Serums
NOR-04 Human IgA subclasses standard Serum Serums
NOR-05 Human secretory component standard milk without immunoglobulins Serums
P 016 Human Bence Jones kappa Proteins & Peptides
P 017 Human Bence Jones lambda Proteins & Peptides
P 020 Human secretory IgA Proteins & Peptides
P 106 Human IgG1 lamda G1m(f) Proteins & Peptides
P 182 Human IgG4 kappa Gm4a Proteins & Peptides
P 210 Human IgG1 lambda G1m (a) Proteins & Peptides
P 289 Human IgG3 lambda G3m (g) Proteins & Peptides
P 304 Human IgG4 kappa Gm4b Proteins & Peptides
P 315 Human Human IgG2 lambda G2m (n-) Proteins & Peptides
P 411 Human Human IgG3 kappa G3m (g) Proteins & Peptides
P 430 Human IgA1 kappa, polymer Proteins & Peptides
P 444 Human IgA lambda (dimer) Proteins & Peptides
P 532 Human IgG2 lambda G2m (n+) Proteins & Peptides
RAHu/FXIII-A Rabbit anti Human Factor XIII-A Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
RAHu/IgA1-2 set Rabbit anti Human IgA1 IgA2 (subclass specific) Secondary Antibodies Polyclonal
MUB0364P Mouse anti CD11a (activitor) Primary Antibodies NKI(SPV)-L16
MUB0365P Armenian Hamster anti CD27 Primary Antibodies LG.3A10
MUB0366P Armenian Hamster anti CD27 Primary Antibodies LG.8A6
MUB0367P CD15/ Lewis X antigen/ alpha-(1,3)-fucosyltransferase 4 Primary Antibodies BRA4F1
MUB0375P Mouse anti CD11a (inhibitor) Primary Antibodies NKI(SPV)-L7
MUB0504P Rat anti E-selectin / CD62E Primary Antibodies UZ4