High Quality Antibody Reagents


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Code Name Product Type Clone
C155M Mouse anti Mouse p27 Monoclonal Antibody DCS72
MUB1101L1 Mouse anti Lamin A, conjugated to FITC Primary Antibodies 133A2
MUB1102L1 Mouse anti Lamin A and C, conjugated to FITC Primary Antibodies 131C3
MUB0400L1 Mouse anti Desmin, conjugated to FITC Primary Antibodies RD301
ShAD/IgG(Fc) Sheep anti Dog IgG (Fc specific) Serum Polyclonal
A105P Sheep anti bcl-2 Polyclonal Antibody
A195P Sheep anti-Cytochrome C Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
A200P Sheep anti Human Cytochrome c Polyclonal Antibody
X1567M Mouse anti Human Estrogen Receptor Monoclonal Antibody TE111.5D11
X1841M Mouse anti Human Fetoprotein Monoclonal Antibody C3
X2397M Mouse anti Human Microphthalmia Transcription Factor (MiTF) Monoclonal Antibody D5
Z100P Sheep anti Human Calreticulin Polyclonal Antibody
Z110P Sheep anti Dog SR alpha Polyclonal Antibody
Z115P Sheep anti Dog SR beta Polyclonal Antibody