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Press Release: Nordic-MUbio Acquisition
Nordic-MUbio acquires GFP Research Products from Brighter Ideas Inc.
Susteren, Netherlands (13 July 2015) – Nordic-MUbio announces the acquisition of all antibody and protein assets from Brighter Ideas Inc., located in North Brunswick, New Jersey. The assets include the only source of antibodies against native Aequorea victoria Green Fluorescent Protein in the world today.
Brighter Ideas has a number of very large bulk customers and Nordic-MUbio expects to be able to offer a quicker and more flexible service for these products through the experience it has gained selling to the biotech / pharma and diagnostic industries for over 50 years.
“We are excited to add Brighter Idea’s research products to the Nordic-MUbio portfolio,” said Ronald Rutten, CEO, Nordic-MUbio. “Citations of GFP remain at a very high level since it was first described in 1994 as it is used extensively in a number of applications including monitoring gene expression; localizing proteins at the cellular and subcellular level; tracking metastatic cells and as a tag to identify proteins in vitro.
About Nordic-MUbio:
Nordic-MUbio is a rapidly expanding research reagent company based in Susteren, Netherlands. The acquisition of BII assets comes after a succession of other acquisitions including MUbio Products BV and An Der Grub Bioresearch GmbH. These acquisitions have allowed Nordic-MUbio to create a broad portfolio of products for flow cytometry, cell biology, immunology, cancer research, stem cells and more.
Nordic-MUbio offers a wide range of custom services, including assay development and antibody production. Nordic-MUbio operates under ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management systems. For more information on Nordic-MUbio, visit: https://www.nordicmubio.com.